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Thursday, August 9, 2007

That trash ain't so bad...

So we're walking down 1oth street and we pass this pile-o-trash and it looks pretty, pretty, pretty big. (Sorry, had to get an ode-to-Larry David on the site...we miss him on HBO!)

So we turn the phone to camera mode and and get ready to snap when our friend says, "That trash ain't so bad," like Clubber Lang putting Apollo in his place.

And yes...wait a tic...we have friends. Just because we write a Blog and quote Rocky III, doesn't mean we don't have friends. Heck, we're not Trekkie's, we never won Zelda, we don't watch the new Dr. Who...ok maybe we watched one or two episodes, but that's just because we love the BBC...and we do have friends. Seriously. We do.

Anyway, we turn to our friend in this moment of panic, horror and shear confusion and say, "That's not so bad?!? Are you looking at the same pile-o-trash, my innocent inept friend?"

And she says, "Yes, I am. It's not so bad. I've seen worse."

At this point of the mind-numbing conversation (YES, mind numbing, what--so we get a little dramatic--we're a Pisces--it's in our stars, ok!?) we realize our dear sweet friend has become desensitized to NYC's trash. And herein lies one of our biggest hurdles in cleaning up our streets--the New York state of mind. And slowly fade-in Billy Joel song....and cut.

Yes, the City needs to find more dump sites, put together a larger budget for more frequent trash removal, be more consistent and strict with fines, and find ways to cut back on trash production. But even if the City achieves these goals, we New Yorkers need to change our mindset. (Here comes the rant): We can't live comfortably among piles-o-trash. We can't silently judge one pile versus another only to cut a hulking stash of trash down to "not that bad". We can't sit idle when pin-head bankers toss Metrocards on the ground, and we can't sit back and expect the City to take care of everything. We need to come up with creative solutions and clean our streets.

So after this momentary blast of emotion and reason we turn to our trash-blind friend and say, "You're an idiot. Get out of the're blocking the toilet."

What? D'you think we got all suburban and cuddly on you? We're still in favor of New Yorkers being loud, pushy, sarcastic and for that reason lovable and magnetic...we just want cleaner streets!

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