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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thursday, July 26, 3:25PM
47th and Madison
That's right, Madison Avenue. A bastion of sophisticated shopping. Home to a glittering array of high-end designer flagship stores...and...TRASH. We were literally dodging old newspapers, plastic cups and pizza slice-stained paper plates. Sure we still managed to get to J. Press and score some great buys on our late summer WASP wardrobe, but seriously...what gives? What other city have you visited lately where you dodge trash...and not just along some back alley, but along one of the most famous stretches of luxury real estate in the world.

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Pj said...

Ya know, I'm glad somebody finally has the where-with-all to say something. It's getting out of control, really. Just the other day I was walking downtown (near Soho) and a rat the size of a hedge hog jumped out of the shrubs. DISGUSTING! Thanks T-Razzi for getting on the ball. YOU RULE!