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Friday, August 3, 2007

Dirtier than: Readers comments

In our July 31st "Dirtier than..." post we asked you to clarify the dirtiness of 24th street between 6th and 7th--your creativity never ceases to amaze...some of our favorites below:

-Christine claims 24th street is dirtier than, "New Jersey"...that's pretty dirty. We hope Jon Bon Jovi isn't reading this...but Jon, if you are, tell The Boss we love him!

-Maverick5483 chimes in with, "a goat's rectum"...that's downright horrid. One question, Mr. Maverick, how do you know if a goat's rectum is dirty? Hmmmm.

-Claudia says dirtier than, "Sicilian revenge"...which is truly quite dirty...and brings to mind our favorite line from the Princess Bride. All hail Wallace Shawn.

And finally, the most depraved response comes from Immon--which, for purposes of keeping our PG-13 rating here at Clean NYC Now, we paraphrase below:

-dirtier than, "a [lady of the night's] [undergarment's] after a long night in Hunt's Point."

Immon obviously owns a laundromat in the Bronx and is prone to vivid, psychotic hallucinations. Please seek professional help.

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