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Thursday, August 2, 2007


Wednesday, August 1, 9:40PM
6th Avenue between 15th and 16th streets

Fine, perhaps some people see smoking as a "trashy" habit. And yes, at least these fine ladies are smoking outside rather than inside some restaurant. But should their only refuge for having a drag be sandwiched between bulging bags (alliteration!) of trash?

Apparently in NYC this is considered a smokers lounge. We consider it depressing, dirty, dismaying and down right disgusting (alliteration again and again...and again!).

PS: From now on, all Trash-arazzi sightings will include an actual photo of Trash-In-Action (TIA). But wait...there's more! If any of you--our dear readers-- spot Trash-arazzi worthy TIA, please send us your shots and write-ups and we'll post our favorites. Of course if you can get a celebrity in front of some trash, or mingling with some trash (or even littering!) we will try to sell said photos to OK! Magazine (our favorite celebrity mag) and we'll split the profit. As we've said in the past, nothing better than environmentally friendly capitalism.

1 comment:

Immon said...

I'm one of "those people" that see smoking as a "trashy habit." Don't you?

I'm somewhat thrown-off by your "smokers lounge piece." Why should NYC make smokers' lounges (the places people are entitled to smoke) more comfortable or cleaner? In fact, I think you've hit on the perfect idea. The places people are allowed to smoke should be where the City dumps its garbage! Oh, Trashy, GREAT IDEA!!!! Think of how nice it will be to walk down the sidewalk and see no trash and smell no smoke! Lovely. Toodles for now, Trashy.